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How does a Tarot Reading Work?

Glad you asked! As stated in What Makes a Good Tarot Reader; before starting a Reading, I will get myself Grounded, Connected and Protected and create a Safe & Sacred Space for both the Client and myself.

✨️There is absolutely nothing to fear in a Tarot Reading with me, as I am an ethical practitioner and you are under my protection and that of my Highest Self and Guardian Angels, to quote a few✨️

We will have a wee chat, see if there's anything in particular you wish to discuss or if its just a general 'look see'. In my experience most people don't usually have a particular question in mind. 

Or if they do they are holding it choose to their chest to see what the cards have to say first. 

That's perfectly okay and for some reason, skeptics seem to get better, more irrefutable, proof than believers, it's almost like Spirit enjoys slapping them in the face with the Truth 😅😂😂
Anyway, we chat, we shuffle, we lay the cards on the table. 
I say 'we' as a Tarot Reading is a co-creative process, we are drawing together the energies available to help us see what needs to be seen, 

know what we need to know and decide what we need to do, or say, if anything, with that knowledge. 

So we will lay out the cards, sometimes speaking the placements, as words have magic and magic has meaning, for our Reading. 
Then we will go back to the start and turn over the cards one by one and getting our first impressions.
Then what we see in the cards in front of us, the colours and imagery, their literal and symbolic meanings, how they relate one another and by their positions in the spread...

And then it starts to get interesting...

The Tarot Cards start to talk to one another and I literally see the energy bouncing from one to another directing the focus for me.

And then the fun truly begins as the magical story that surrounds you and your situation starts to unfold...

And we oftentimes get to experience the emphatic energy of blessed rightness that lands straight into the Heart & Soul of the sender and the receiver...

Truth tingles and goosebumps also strongly feature!

It is wise to remember that there is magic moment of being Here & Now, of the Universe bringing Us together AND in the Cards themselves, with their symbology and interpretations doing the majority of the heavy lifting.

Tarot Reading gives me great JOY as I get to witness the wheel turn, the penny drop and realisation dawns for a fellow traveller who is now able to progress more quickly, energetically, as a result of the under or inner-standing.

Nothing sinister or scary, your Tarot Reader will provide a safe and sacred space for you and your reading. As they say the only thing to fear is fear itself and forewarned is forearmed!

Please note: that the magic does not happen all by itself, time is required, before and after, to get in and out of the zone (clean, clear & protected space) and to edit & deliver the pre-recorded videos. Please see what makes a good Tarot Reader.

If you do happen to get even the slightest sense of bad vibes; don't rationalise and carry on regardless. Trust your own instincts and gracefully exit - or do not enter into - the situation. Good advice not just for Tarot but for Life and Love also!

🌍 CELTIC COMPASS - a fantastic place to begin your journey with the Tarot and me, Jo Murray, as your guide😇

⚔️ CELTIC CROSS - perfect for any question or situation 😎

♾️ SEEKERS SPECIAL - my personal favourite, over an hour of in-depth card analysis and conversation 💚

Want to know more?

Message me on +44 7771 230700 or fill out the Contact Form and be entered into the monthly prize draw to 🥳Win a One to One Reading with me, your friendly, formidable & compassionate, Tarot Guide, Jo Murray 😎💕

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