Tarot & Oracle Card Consultations

🔮 CELTIC CROSS - Classic option for Answers - Online &/or recorded

🔮 Perfect if you need to know what you don't know...

🔮 Or, have a difficult decision to make...

🔮 And/or, a burning question about Life, Love, Career, your Soul Business!

🔮 Great if you are simply curious about yourself, your situation, tarot or even me!!

This is a traditional version of the Celtic Cross - please see diagram image for positions & placements - is ideal for insight into yourself, and/or any situation being one of the most universally used and well loved Tarot spreads!!

I will do my best to make sure that you are satisfied with your reading. But be warned a single tarot reading can often lead to more questions than answers!

Online readings will be recorded and it is entirely up to you if you want to be present and involved or not. Sometimes blind is better 😎

If you live in the Southampton, Eastleigh area and would like to meet at my local café or mutually agreeable venue, then please book the 🌎Celtic Compass which is highly recommended and we can make arrangements from there.

Or why not try the Seeker's Special if you are interested in a deeper more involved experience?

As an Atmana Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Professional Tarot Consultant trained by Richard Knight, I promise to take very good care of you 💞

Why not treat yourself to the gift of Joyful Enlightenment, Book Now and let's get sorted ASAP!

Got questions? Want answers?

07771 230700 or fill out the Contact Form and be entered into the monthly prize draw to 🥳Win a free One to One Reading with me, Jo Murray, your friendly, formidable & compassionate, Tarot Lifecraft Guide 😎💕

25-30 minutes

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