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Jo Murray

Once upon a lifetime ago, there was a wee lassie with a bright smile and even brighter red hair. She enjoyed drawing and reading, knitting & sewing and a range of craft projects, where she could get lost for hours, upon hours...

Same as all the other Gen Xers & some Millennials, growing up with Starsky & Hutch & Dukes of Hazard on Saturday night TV. And a dab hand at making paper pistols, she wanted to be a Charlie's Angel when she grew up.

Which was as far as it ever went ambition wise. Mainly because at the age of four or five, this impressionable young girl was told, and took to heart for once and for seemingly all, by her exhausted & exasperated single parent mother that; "want doesn't get".

Immediately, recognising the futility, to date, of asking for things only to be told no, she took to this saying to heart and installed it as ‘source programming’ feeling like this was the only way to protect her 'ain wee sel fae' futher disappointment.

She survived school and came out with enough qualifications to get by but no idea how to study or even what to do with her life.

The economic climate was harsh for Thatcher's generation and the only form of freedom was escapism…

Three children and three decades plus later - through untold mishaps, unhappy and happy accidents, right and wrong turns, in the labyrinth of life - check out my LinkedIn for more info on qualifications - Here & Now we are at Tarot & Crystal Lifecraft.

A vehicle for being and becoming the best, most essential and Loving Self that one possibly can be, filled with purpose, drive, compassion, sovereignty and true freedom.

Having lived so many lifetimes, in this life alone, experienced & survived several deep long dark nights of the soul and lived to tell the tale of Joyful Enlightenment. 

My name is Jo Murray and it is my honour to serve and share the magic of Tarot, intuitive insight and guidance that I/we receive, with the curious &/or confused.

Ready to discover more about you, me or the Tarot? Book a reading & let's see where the Universe takes us!!

🌍 CELTIC COMPASS - a fantastic place to begin your journey with the Tarot and me, Jo Murray, as your guide😇
⚔️ CELTIC CROSS - perfect for any question or situation 😎
♾️ SEEKERS SPECIAL - my personal favourite, over an hour of in-depth card analysis and conversation 💚

Fair warning; most of the work that I do is confirmation and affirmation, as opposed to prediction and grand revelation! Although such things have been known and if I see it I will honour and give voice to it.

Still got questions? WhatsApp or Text Message me + 44 7771 230700 or use the Contact Form - If you do, you could get lucky & win a One to One with Yours Truly 😎🖖🥳

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