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Jo Murray

Once upon a lifetime ago, there was a wee lassie with a bright smile and even brighter red hair. She enjoyed drawing and reading, knitting & sewing and a range of craft projects, where she could get lost for hours, upon hours...

Same as all the other Gen ...

Why should I have a Tarot Reading?

Well - at the very least - who doesn't want to spend quality time completely focused on themselves with someone trustworthy and friendly who has their very best interests at heart?

This is what a good Tarot and or Oracle Card Reading offers. See What ...

What makes a good Tarot Reader?

Your ideal Tarot Reader - that would be me by the way 😘 - is a man or woman Being who is Heart Centred, Grounded in Mother Nature and Connected to Creator Source.

In my case, before I start a Reading, I get myself Grounded, Connected and Protected, call ...

How does a Tarot Reading Work?

Glad you asked! As stated in What Makes a Good Tarot Reader; before starting a Reading, I will get myself Grounded, Connected and Protected and create a Safe & Sacred Space for both the Client and myself.

✨️There is absolutely nothing to fear in a Tarot ...

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