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What makes a good Tarot Reader?

Your ideal Tarot Reader - that would be me by the way 😘 - is a man or woman Being who is Heart Centred, Grounded in Mother Nature and Connected to Creator Source.

In my case, before I start a Reading, I get myself Grounded, Connected and Protected, call upon my Highest Self and see where the Cards & Spirit want to take me/us and just go with the flow of the Universe.

Sounds airy fairy, I know, but in whatever way a good Reader, or Spirit Medium, connects you should always feel and/or be assured that any messages received will come from a place of LOVE.

And will be with the best interest of All the parties involved - whether or not they know it or happen to feel that way about it at the time! 😅

A good Tarot Reader will be happy to answer any questions, that you have, within reason & time constraints and make every effort to ensure that you feel complete by the end of the reading. 

✨It is important to note that both parties, Client and Reader, are free to halt any reading at any time if they are uncomfortable for any reason during a session ✨

You should never feel pressured, or overly persuaded, to say, do, or feel, anything that is against your own will, good, or common, sense.

To quote The Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, the author of Scottish Witchcraft "Do as Thou wil't but Harm None".

For more info, please see How does a Tarot Reading work?

🌍 CELTIC COMPASS - a fantastic place to begin your journey with the Tarot and me, Jo Murray, as your guide😇

⚔️ CELTIC CROSS - perfect for any question or situation 😎

♾️ SEEKERS SPECIAL - my personal favourite, over an hour of in-depth card analysis and conversation 💚

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