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Why should I have a Tarot Reading?

Well - at the very least - who doesn't want to spend quality time completely focused on themselves with someone trustworthy and friendly who has their very best interests at heart?

This is what a good Tarot and or Oracle Card Reading offers. See What makes a good Tarot Reader for more info.


Other benefits, can include but not limited to are; new ways of looking at things, useful tactics for dealing with stuff, insight, empathy, understanding, laughter, tears, wisdom & perspective.

Topics? Anything and everything! From personal relationships, career, finance, world affairs to spiritual awakening, nothing is out of bounds and you are always held in a safe space.

💖Please note: that spiritual and personal ethics dictate that I cannot give medical advice nor am I able to discuss other people - except for in the context of your relationship to them.

But, if nothing else, I can promise you a pleasant and enjoyable - all about you - experience!

🌍 CELTIC COMPASS - a fantastic place to begin your journey with the Tarot and me, Jo Murray, as your guide😇

⚔️ CELTIC CROSS - perfect for any question or situation 😎

♾️ SEEKERS SPECIAL - my personal favourite, over an hour of in-depth card analysis and conversation 💚

Got Questions?

Message me on +44 7771 230700 or fill out the Contact Form and be entered into the monthly prize draw to 🥳Win a One to One Reading with me, your friendly, formidable & compassionate, Tarot Guide, Jo Murray 😎💕

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