The Origins Of Tarot

Tarot is a form of divination that has a rich history spanning over several centuries. As we know it today, Tarot was invented sometime in the mid-15th century in Italy.

The Tarot closely mirrored the playing cards of the day, and some believe that people had started using playing cards for divination purposes, and the Tarot was just a refined version of these cards.

The basic playing cards had four suits of ten cards each. These cards were brought to Europe from the Islamic world, and it is thought that Tarot originated when mystics and astrologers started using ordinary playing cards to tell fortunes

During the 15th century, special cards were added to the playing cards. Later, these became known as the Major Arcana cards, then called the trumps or triumphs.

The Major Arcana cards consist of 22 cards with titles rather than numbers and suits. Each one has a strong symbolic meaning and is considered to be the "leaders" of the Tarot deck.

The remaining 56 cards are referred to as the Minor Arcana. Usually, these cards are split into four suits: cups, wands, swords, and coins. However, there are many variations on this.

Tarot has evolved many times over since its original form, becoming more complex and rich in symbolism. The cards themselves have gained meaning over the years from the cultures that adopted their use. Some cards have come and gone, like The Pope, The Juggler, The Arrow, and others.

However, around the 17th century, Tarot evolved into the form we now know it as having. Many famous alchemists and prophets have used Tarot, including Nostradamus and Aristotle.

Tarot cards align with the energies projected onto them. As you shuffle the deck, you and your energies place the cards where they will be most beneficial for you.

Some people shuffle the cards three times then cut. However, it is really up to the user. Tarot taps into the spirit realm, or the energies of the user, to give their readings.

For centuries, people have been using symbols as a type of divination. Tarot is no different. Each of the 78 cards has an individual meaning. Tarot is an interactive divination art. The cards interact with each other, giving them new and more complex meaning.

You place the cards into various spreads where the placement of each card gives it even further meaning. Where cards fall in the spread has a lot to do with how they interact with each other. A card representing the past will influence a card representing the present and the future. 

There are many different spreads, including the Celtic cross, the three-card spread, the spread of fates, the single-card reading, the circle and cross, and the ancestors, to name a few.

Understanding The Major Arcana

It is the Major Arcana that is considered the heart of the Tarot deck. They are also known as the Trump Cards, and there are 22 Cards that make up this part of the Tarot deck. The Major Arcana is not associated with suits or court cards like the rest of the Tarot Deck.

The Major Arcana represents life and its cycles from birth to death. It symbolizes the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional aspects of humankind and its relationship to the universe. In the Major Arcana, the 22 cards represent different archetypes. The archetypes include a nurturing mother, a strong commanding authoritative type, a traditional religious figure, a mystic spiritual figure, and so on. These archetypes represent either real or spiritual figures in one's life.

If you look at the artwork on a Major Arcana card, you will see a scene that has symbolic elements. Also, on many decks, the cards feature the card's title and the number of the Major Arcana card in Roman Numerals from 0 to 22. However, there are some decks where the Major Arcana only has pictures. This is the same way the earlier first decks were. The speculation is that there were no numbers or pictures on those decks because the majority of people at that time were illiterate.

If one looks closely at the pictures on the Major Arcana deck, you will find that the pictures are steeped with symbolism. The Major Arcana also relates to those things regarding one's higher purpose for being on the planet. It tells of one's journey in life, especially in relation to their personal character development. The numbers on the card ranging from 0 to 22 depict the fool's journey from birth to death and from innocence to wisdom to hopefully enlightenment. The Major Arcana tells of the journey one has to take to reach enlightenment in their lifetime.

In addition to focusing on our spiritual selves, the Major Arcana also gives us answers in relation to major life events. It addresses such things as family, social relationships, jobs, and other major milestones we face in our life. The Major Arcana represents aspects of the human experience that we all go through in our lives. It looks at our spiritual selves, our hopes, our fears, our joys, and our sadness.

It is recommended that when one starts to read Tarot cards, they familiarize themselves with the Major Arcana first. Once you get used to them, they help unlock your intuition so you can interpret the rest of the cards in relation to them in a Tarot spread. The Major Arcana is a powerful tool for personal growth, and its archetypes can help us understand ourselves better and the world around us.


Tarot is a fascinating divination art that has been used for centuries to provide insights and guidance to people. The origins of Tarot can be traced back to the 15th century in Italy, where it closely mirrored the playing cards of the day. Tarot has evolved over the years, becoming more complex and rich in symbolism.

The Major Arcana is considered the heart of the Tarot deck, and it represents life and its cycles from birth to death. It symbolizes the physical, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional aspects of humankind and its relationship to the universe. The archetypes of the Major Arcana can help us understand ourselves better and the world around us.

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