Tarot & Oracle Card Consultations

♾️ SEEKER'S SPECIAL - Live interactive 1:1 session

♾️ An easy, relaxed and enlightening exploration of You and the Energies around you...

This one to one, in person or online, session is a great way to better understand where you are at in regards to any situation, that you find yourself in and the internal and external possibilities & opportunities that exist especially for, and because of You!

Oftentimes we are not fully aware of what is in our heart, or deep down in your soul, and this is where the Tarot comes into it's own as a trusted and time honoured tool for divination. 10 out 10 Cat Owners agree 😹

If possible, it is helpful to come to a reading with one or two specific questions in mind. Subjects for the Seeker's Special session can include anything from children, family dynamics, partnerships, romance, your job, career, new business venture, beloved pet or possibly even a community you are a member of.

Please know that you are free to ask any questions that come up for you, at any time during the reading and I will gently and compassionately guide you through. No topic is out of bounds, or off limits, within the normal Tarot ethical framework of course. See What makes a good Tarot Reader?

You may well be surprised at how quickly the Time flies during a reading so please know that we probably will only be able to properly address or explore only one or two topics per session! 

If you are unsure whether or not to go ahead and Book Now, please see Why should I have a Tarot Reading?

Alternatively, see the LOOK HERE where there are lots of single oracle readings, posted on my YouTube channel, you can go there and select one or more at will, or random for your day, week, month, year, question or plain overall guidance 😎

As an Atmana Certified Intuitive Life Coach and Professional Tarot Consultant trained by Richard Knight, I promise to take very good care of you!

Why not treat yourself to the gift of Joyful Enlightenment, Book Now and get sorted ASAP!

Still got questions?

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70-90 minutes

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